Terms of Use

1. What is YoloRent.com and how can we help You ?

YoloRent.com is operated by company UAB "Jolorenta", code 304557074, registration address - Baltijos pr. 43-77, Klaipeda, Lithuania, LT-94129, company registrered under the laws of Lithuania offers this website and its services, subject to the following terms and conditions (hereinafter Terms and Conditions). Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before using our website or any of our services. If you do not agree to any statement of these Terms and Conditions, you must not use this website or any services provided by the Company. By using the services provided on this website and accepting these Terms and Conditions, you enter into the distance agreement with the Company.

YoloRent.com - a web based platform where customer is able to make a car rental reservation. Whether you need a bigger family car for your vacation or just a small compact class car for a day or two - YoloRent.com is at your service. We are offering different car rental Suppliers to choose from when making a booking. For Your convenience, our service covers up to 10.000 different locations. When reservation is done through YoloRent.com, you can be sure that the service will provided by the Rental Agent at the Pick up time.

2. Documents required for your car pick-up.

Upon arriving at the car rental desk, the following documents are mandatory:

  1. Your ID card or passport. For some locations (United Kingdom) you will need to provide proof of the adress. Please check the instuctions of your supplier's terms.
  2. Your Driving license. Depending on the pick up location, please check whether it is necessary to have an International Driving License.
  3. Your booking Voucher. Please print the voucher you received upon completing the booking.
  4. Funds on your credit card to cover insurance excess. Please note that local suppliers might ask you for the security deposit at the start of the rental. This is being done to cover the insurance excess and fuel. This will be an amount blocked on the credit card of a driver on the rental agreement. The security deposit is returned back (unblocked) at the end of the rental once the supplier confirms that vehicle returned is in the same condition as it was before starting the rental.


*When collecting the vehicle, please ensure you inspect and check the vehicle for any damage & report any problems, damages, scratches to the local supplier before driving away from the location. When returning the car, we strongly recommend to check your vehicle with the local supplier agent to ensure that no new damage occurred during your rental period.

3. Possible fee for young or senior driver.

If the driver's age is not between 25 and 65, rental agencies may see you as a possible liability to their fleet. Please expect a daily applied young driver’s fee if you’re younger than 25 and a daily applied senior driver’s fee if you’re older than 65. (This age restriction can depend on different rental companies terms and conditions. Please check instructions of your car agency). You must provide your real age in order to avoid extra charges at the counter.

In order to avoid any misunderstandings at the counter, please remember that You have to have a driving license that is at least two years old (Please note sometimes you can get asked to have three years). Please check your supplier`s terms for the rental requirements and instructions.

4. Additional driver fee.

Some rental car companies allow renters to add aditional drivers for specific fee. Please check suppliers terms and conditions for the additional driver rules.

5. Additional equipment (extras) fees.

Baby seat or child seat and GPS are most requested extras in the car hire industry. For every extra chosen, you'll have to pay an extra fee. However, you can always save some money if you bring them at the counter with yourself. All car hire companies will allow you to use your own child seat or GPS device.

6. Fuel policies and surcharges.

Following the most fuel policies, you’ll have to fill your tank before you return your car to the car hire agency. (Please check your voucher for more information if you are not sure how much fuel you have to leave on the time of return.) Mind that sometimes filling the fuel tank by yourself can be cheaper than asking your car hire agency to fill it up instead. However, please take note to most common situations:

  1. If you are about to be late for your car return, probably you will forget to refuel. That is acceptable, but be ready for surcharges in this scenario.
  2. Please mind when you follow the Same to Same fuel policy. Take a picture before you start your vehicle and make sure you return the vehicle with the same ammount of fuel left. Otherwise, it can come up with bigger expenses than expected.
  3. Sometimes refueling could lead to being late. Being late can come up with surcharges. Have some minutes left for refueling to be secure.

7. Credit card requirements for the main driver.

No matter if you fully already pre-paid your rental through YoloRent.com, at the pick-up, being the main driver, you will still need to provide your credit card. (Please take note that most of the companies do not accept prepaid credit cards. Nor they will accept your debit card).

This is being done due to standard reason that at the counter an agent will block a certain amount on your credit card as a deposit. This deposit is your financial liability for any car damage, theft or loss. However, if during booking process you chose our super excess refund cover (SER) your money is safe! If our excess cover is purchased (SER), we refund your expenses - up to €700.

8. Successful process flow at the counter.

Please aknowledge with the following rules that are very important to avoid unexpected additional fees or challenges that might occur.

  1. The main driver must present his credit card (debit cards are not accepted in most cases) with enough limit to cover the excess for your car group. Please check you voucher if you are not sure what is your liability in the case of a car damage, theft or vehicle loss.
  2. You must present Identification card or passport (in some cases – proof of the address). Any additional driver should present the same documents as well.
  3. The main driver must present the latest version of the rental voucher.
  4. All the drivers mentioned on the booking must provide valid Driving Licenses. Driving Licenses should be older than two (in some cases three) years old. Please follow supplier's terms for checking the requirements.
  5. International Driving License may be requested in some of the locations. Please follow supplier's terms for checking the requirements.

9. Crossing international borders.

Some car hire suppliers have extra fees if you want to crooss a border. Please check suppliers terms before picking up the car. If you have some plans to cross the border, it is necessary to inform your supplier agent about this. Otherwise, if you will face an accident in the other country, the protections (insurance) of your rental contract may be negated. You'll need to have cross border fee included in your rental in case of the car accident. If you drive across international borders without authorization and you have an accident, the protections of your rental contract, insurance and other sources may be negated.

10. Car rental insurance & cover options.

All rentals outside U.S. are already included with collision damage waiver and theft protection. You will be asked to leave a deposit equal to the value of the car group insurance excess or in cases of zero excess a deposit for uninsured parts of the vehicle will be requested. If you damage the vehicle during your rental, you could get charged up to maximum of the deposit ammount. Please note that in the event that the renter has behaved recklessly or negligently or driven under the influence of drugs or alcohol you may be liable for the full cost. In most of the suppliers insurance policies there are exceptions to the insurance cover which may include the following : widescreens, locks, tyres, underside or interior of the vehicle, car towing charges, loss of key or documents, replacement of the keys or documents. Carefully read the suppliers agreement at the time of renting for all the instructions and terms.

Important to remember: Yolorent.com is offering a product named „Super Excess Refund“ (SER) which is available to select during your booking process. We would always recommend customer picking this option for your safety. Please read the instructions and benefits you are acquiring with SER :

Super Excess Refund“ (SER)

During your booking process, or within Reservation system when approaching our Agent directly, for an additional daily rate you can select an option „Super Excess Refund“. Following the SER policy, when selecting this option, You will be covered for up to €700 for incidents during your vehicle rental period. Any following physical loss or damage to the rented vehicle for which you are responsible under the terms and condition of the vehicle rental agreement will be covered:

  1. Damage to vehicle.
  2. Theft.
  3. Towing costs relating to the loss or damage.

    Please note that „Excess Protection“ works on a pay and claim basis. Therefore you will still need to leave the excess deposit amount blocked (at the counter) on a credit card in the name of the main driver.

    Super Excess Refund“ can be cancelled only by written form to customersupport@yolorent.com and the cancelation cannot be done if the pick up time is less then 48hrs away.

However, please be instructed with the following situations, in which „Super Excess Refund“ does not apply or cover your rental expenses:

  1. Car damages that occur as a result of your illegal and/or negligent actions, drunk driving, use of drugs or inappropriate activities (for example, if you filled the car's fuel tank with the wrong type of fuel or left the car with the lights on and as a result its battery was discharged);
  2. Loss of use (fee to cover car hire provider's loss of rental income while the car is out of commission due to an accident).
  3. Breakage of engine, clutch, manual or automatic gearbox and other inner parts of the car unless this is a result of a traffic accident covered by Super Excess Refund Protection, which also results in damages to the car's bodywork, roof, or undercarriage.
  4. Car damages that occur as a result of weather conditions or a cleaning process; Car damages that occur as a result of weather conditions or a cleaning process, war, terrorism, revolution, epidemic or radiation.
  5. Damages made to the car's interior; Theft or damage of personal belongings, e.g. documents, cash, travel tickets, sports and technical equipment.

11. Booking modifications.

Our company is friendly when attempting booking modifications. YoloRent.com offers you several ways to modify your booking. Write us an email to customersupport@yolorent.com or call us +3706 30 999 60 with modifications required or simply visit your user’s profile and modify it there (you can always find a link in your email). Remember, in any modification request we will need this to be done in a written form. However, please be informed with the following possibilities :

  1. Free of charge amendments. Individual attributes like provided address.
  2. Amendment that could impact the car hire price. Whether you are planning to change pick up location, requested car group, rental lenght or supplier you will be charged at the current public price, which will always be different from what you already paid.
  3. Last minute change of plan: If the pick-up time is less than 48 hours away and you wish to amend the booking, please call the agent immediately, otherwise after 48 hours you can get charged for requested changes.
  4. Ask for a confirmation on your amendments. This is very important as you should always require confirmation on amendments you have done. Only the updated voucher you receive in your email is the real proof for amendments being confirmed.

12. Flight information.

If you are collecting your vehicle from an airport, please provide YoloRent.com your arrival flight number on the process of booking the vehicle, or as soon as possible. Please note YoloRent.com will not be held responsible if the vehicle is not provided or available due to a late arrival of flights if your flight number has not been provided. Sometimes, providing the flight number can save you minutes during pick up!

13. Booking cancellation policy.

All the customers have the opportunity to cancel the booking. However for a successful cancelation, following requirements must be met:

  1. If you are willing to cancel the reservation, it is necessary to contact our company sending an email to customersupport@yolorent.com. Don‘t forget to provide as much mandatory information as possible about your rental (voucher number, rental period, cancellation reason, and other).
  2. Please note that phone cancellations will not be accepted. Until the last 48 hours, you can cancel your booking or/and excess cover option completely free of charge. After that, you will not be completely refunded if cancelling the booking.
  3. Unless having a Super Excess Refund (SER) package, and cancelling your booking less than 48 hours before the pickup, you will receive a refund of the money paid at the booking, minus either the deposit or the cost of 3 days' rental, whichever is greater.
  4. If your booking period is shorter than three days, you will not encounter on any additional charge. However, you will not receive any refund (including coverage expenses).

What is considered as a No-Show ?

A ‘No-show' is when you fail to pick the car up at the arranged time and date. In this case, you will receive no refund of the money paid.

14. Claim procedure.

We understand that sometimes it may be difficult to achieve the best result between parties. However, these requirements must be met for your claim :

  1. Whatever reason you have, you should not hesitate to contact us by e-mail customersupport@yolorent.com.
  2. The complaint must be submitted with in 28 days from the date of vehicle returnOnly written form of complaint will be accepted. An appeal received after 28 days from the date of vehicle return will not be addressed.
  3. Once we receive your complaint, then our team will reply or forward the complaint to a responsible supplier for your hired car. After the supplier receives your complaint, supplier will inform you on any updates with additional information on the complaint.

Do you still have a question?

Our multilingual customer service skilled operators are available every day between working hours to answer any of your questions.

phone: +3706 30 999 60
e-mail: customersupport@yolorent.com

Working hours:

Mon-Fri       09:00 – 18:00 (GMT +2)
Sat               09:00 – 14:00 (GMT +2)
Sun              Closed (available for emergencie cases only)
Holidays      10:00 – 16:00 (Closed on December 25th, January 1st and Easter Monday—except for emergency calls.)


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